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Energy Connections is published monthly for NorthWestern Energy's customers. Through this newsletter, we tell you important information about the company, remind you to be safe, provide energy saving tips, and explain more about our products and services. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for articles, please contact us.

On occasion, we will include additional inserts with your bill. These inserts reference important information for our customers, such as rate changes, safety regulation notices, etc. To stay informed, we encourage you to click on the specialty insert messages posted by month below.

Energy Connections April 2018
-Amazing Trees
-Louie & Sniffy Maze
-Tree Planting tips
-E+ Green info
Energy Connections April 2018- Karenic
Energy Connections April 2018- Spanish

Energy Connections March 2018
-Call Before you dig
-Gnome tips
-Pipeline Safety
-811 Safety
Energy Connections March 2018- Karenic
Energy Connections March 2018- Spanish

Energy Connections February 2018
- Are you safe form Carbon Monoxide?
-From the mail bag: A real life reminder to check furnace vents
-Keep your meters and vents free of ice and snow
-Watch where you plow!
-Portable Heater Safety Tip
-RUSafe Corner: Cold tips and kids
Energy Connections February 2018 - Karenic
Energy Connections February 2018 - Spanish

Energy Connections January 2018
- Safe and energy efficient resolutions
-Renewable Energy Certificates
-Sign up for E+ Green
-Buying Green: Check the facts
-Hey Bike Riders- Save the date Beyond the Dam June 9, 2018
Energy Connections January 2018 - Karenic
Energy Connections January 2018 - Spanish

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