Rates & Tariffs

NorthWestern Energy's Rates and Tariffs

NorthWestern Energy is dedicated to providing our customers with energy services that are both affordable and reliable. Our rates and tariffs are filed with and approved by the Montana Public Service Commission, the Nebraska Public Service Commission, and the South Dakota Public Utilities Commission, ensuring that our rates are fair and transparent for all of our customers.

If you have a question about our electric or natural gas rates, you may contact us.

Our Commitment to Transparent Rate Reviews

 At NorthWestern Energy, we strive to keep our customers informed about changes that may impact their energy bills. We understand that energy bills can be a significant expense for many households. That's why we conduct regular rate reviews to ensure that our rates are fair and transparent. Stay informed about our current rate reviews and learn more about how we're working to keep energy affordable for our customers.


We’re committed to being a responsible steward of Montana’s energy resources. We recognize that our rate request will impact customers and we’re committed to helping customers who may be struggling with their bills.

South Dakota Rate Review

NorthWestern Energy is seeking a regulatory electric rate review in South Dakota to support the continued strengthening of our electric system. Learn more about our request for a regulatory electric rate review at NorthWestern Energy.