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Although you can’t see natural gas, it’s all around you, maybe in your home, maybe running through pipes in your backyard.

It’s hard to beat natural gas for clean, efficient, economical energy. But, as with all forms of fuel, it’s important for you to become familiar with its safe use so you can enjoy those benefits to their full extent.

We do our part, of course, by routinely inspecting our gas facilities, and maintaining them in peak working order. In the event of a natural gas emergency, you can count on us to implement our emergency plan to keep the area safe.

For more information about excess gas flow valves, click here.

Things to consider when outdoors

The leading cause of serious pipeline incidents, including those causing deaths and injuries, is outside force damage to pipelines. In most cases, these incidents are entirely preventable.

Calling before you dig is the first rule to remember when conducting underground related activities – no matter what the job is. The law requires you to phone the “One-Call” center at 8-1-1 at least two business days (excluding holidays) prior to conducting any form of digging activity.
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