Keeping our natural gas systems safe

You may see us in your neighborhood and on your property throughout the year while performing work on our gas pipeline system.

Pipeline maintenance

Our emergency line is available 24 hours a day.

Montana: 888-467-2669

South Dakota/Nebraska: 800-245-6977

In case of a life-threatening emergency, dial 911.

We perform work on our gas pipeline system throughout the year.

This includes gas main lines, service lines and meters.  As work ramps up in the summer months, you may see workers throughout neighborhoods, following pipelines or performing work on meters.

Find information below on the types of work you may observe.

Leak surveys - mains and service

An contractor with Heath Consultants performs a gas leak survey.

Leak surveys - mains and service

Our natural gas leak survey is done with highly sensitive equipment that can detect the smallest natural gas leaks. Inspectors use long, hand-held wands, called sniffers, which can detect even tiny traces of natural gas, which allows us to find small leaks and get them fixed right away. 

This work is performed by Heath Consultants.

If any facilities can’t be reached due to a locked gate or an animal in your yard, we’ll come to your door and ask for access. If we can’t get a hold of someone in the house, we’ll send a NorthWestern Energy employee back later or call to schedule, so we can be sure to get a full inspection of the natural gas system.


Meter upgrades

An employee with Tru-Check changes out a meter.

Meter upgrades

We are working to install new gas modules on gas meters across Montana. This technology will allow us to improve service and reliability while providing better customer support such as answers billing questions, understanding usage information and opportunities to save energy.

This work is performed by Tru-Check.

Meter inspections

A gas meter is inspected for leaks.

Meter inspections

Gas meters are periodically inspected for corrosion, leaks and to ensure that the meter is reading properly.  If there is a reason the meter needs to be replaced, we will work to schedule a short outage required to make the changeout.

This work is performed by Heath Consultants, as well as NorthWestern Energy employees.

Pipeline protection monitoring


Pipeline protection monitoring

NorthWestern Energy’s steel natural gas piping has protection that prevents deterioration of the piping. Technicians need to take readings of piping, primarily from a natural gas meter, versus the soil to ensure that the system is adequately protected.

This work is performed by NorthWestern Energy Corrosion Technicians and Summer Interns.

About our contractors

Photo collage showing the Heath and Tru-Check logos.

About our contractors

We contract with Heath Consultants and Tru-Check, whose employees drive cars that are clearly marked with their logo and the NorthWestern Energy logo. They also wear yellow safety vests that identify them as a NorthWestern Energy contractor.