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small brandNatural Gas Transmission and Storage

Natural Gas Transmission 


  • We transmit natural gas in Montana from production receipt points and storage facilities to distribution points and other nonaffiliated transmission systems
  • 2,100 miles of transmission pipelines
    • 2" to 24" diameter pipelines
    • 130 city gate stations
  • Connections with four major nonaffiliated transmission systems
    • Williston Basin Interstate Pipeline
    • NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.
    • Colorado Interstate Gas
    • Spur Energy 
  • 7 compressor stations capable of moving more than 335,000 dekatherms per day
  • Own and operate a pipeline border crossing from Canada through our wholly owned subsidiary, Canadian-Montana Pipe Line Corporation
  • 18 Bcf of gas storage capacity 
    • Own and operate three working natural gas storage fields
    • Maximum aggregate daily deliverability of approximately 195,000 dekatherms per day

South Dakota

  • 55 miles of transmission pipelines

Natural Gas Distribution 


  • 194,100 customers
  • 105 communities
  • 5,150 miles of distribution main gas pipelines


South Dakota/Nebraska 

  • 88,500 customers
  • 60 communities in South Dakota
  • 4 communities in Nebraska
  • 2,405 miles of distribution main gas pipelines

2012 Natural Gas Sales Volumes (PDF)
2011 Natural Gas Sales Volumes (PDF)
2010 Natural Gas Sales Volumes (PDF)
2009 Natural Gas Sales Volumes (PDF)
2008 Natural Gas Sales Volumes(PDF)
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2006 Natural Gas Sales Volumes(PDF)

Natural Gas Supply


  • We have municipal franchises to transport and distribute natural gas in the Montana communities we serve. The terms of the franchises vary by community.
  • Montana natural gas supply requirements are primarily fulfilled through third-party fixed-term purchase contracts and short-term market purchases.
  • We utilize a portfolio approach to fulfill our natural gas supply requirements, and we have direct access to suppliers in the major natural gas producing regions in the U.S., namely, the Rockies (Colorado), Montana and Alberta, Canada.
  • Since 2010, we have acquired gas production and gathering system assets that are estimated to provide approximately 4.5 BCF each year, or about 22% of our current annual natural gas load in Montana.  

South Dakota/Nebraska

  • We have municipal franchises to purchase, transport and distribute natural gas in the South Dakota and Nebraska communities we serve. The terms of the franchises vary by community.
  • South Dakota transportation and storage of supply are managed by a third party.
  • Nebraska asset management services for pipeline capacity, supply, and asset optimization are fulfilled through a third party.
  • We contract for firm natural gas storage services to meet heating season and peak day requirements in South Dakota and Nebraska.
  • We operate a propane-air gas peaking unit to meet peak day demands.
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