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Custom Incentives:  For electric and/or natural gas energy efficiency measures or projects, custom incentives may be available through E+ Business Partners.

Opportunities include energy efficiency and load management projects in new and retrofit applications including commercial, institutional, industrial, agricultural, and multi-family residential facilities/systems. NorthWestern Energy solicits proposals for this program through customers, architects, engineers and other energy efficiency trade allies.

How to Apply for E+ Business Partners:  Download the Program Description and follow the instructions for developing a project proposal.

Need help?  This list of Program Contractors is provided to help customers move forward with cost-effective energy efficiency improvements.   Program Contractors are a resource available to customers but working with a Program Contractor is not required.

Eligibility:  NorthWestern Energy electric commercial, irrigation, and industrial supply customers are eligible to participate in the program. NorthWestern Energy natural gas commercial and industrial supply may also be eligible. Choice customers, those who buy their electricity or natural gas through a contract with a competitive supplier, are not eligible. Call if you have questions about eligibility.

Contact:  For more information about E+ Business Partners, call 888-700-6878.

Funding Source
Funding for the E+ Business Partners Program is provided through NorthWestern Energy electric and natural gas supply rates. Irrigation project funding is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities. 

Funding is limited, and the program is subject to change without notice. NorthWestern Energy or its agents do not sell energy efficiency products directly to customers. NorthWestern Energy does not endorse or recommend any specific manufacturer, brand, or model of energy conservation products.

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