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NorthWestern Energy has a strong commitment to energy safety and energy efficiency education. We provide electric and natural gas safety and energy conservation materials for teachers and students grades K-9. Topics include energy efficiency, electric and natural gas safety, and the science of electricity and natural gas.

Education Materials
We believe you're never too young – or too old – to learn how energy works and its importance in our everyday life. That's why NorthWestern Energy makes public safety materials available to everyone.

Specifically, we have developed programs that provide free classroom materials and lesson plans on energy safety for grades K to 8. Teachers can request materials based on their classroom needs.

A stock of videos are available on a free loan basis to anyone that is interested in increasing their public safety awareness. You can download a summary of what is available here.

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Public Safety Awareness
Our Safety Professionals work with the public, schools and civic organizations to educate the communities we serve about the services NorthWestern Energy provides and the value and impact those services have on your comfort and security. Representatives are available to make presentations, designed for specific audiences, such as children education, first responder training, general public safety awareness, plus much more.

Contact us at to learn more.

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