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NWE Contact Bar, in Montana dial 1-888-467-2669, in South Dakota or Nebraska dial 1-800-245-6977
small brandlDuring the Storm
Emergency Numbers
(888) 467-2669
South Dakota/Nebraska
(800) 245-6977

Safety tips

Safety starts with you, don’t take the risk of going into bad weather.

Check the media. If the outage is widespread, you can usually monitor the outage restoration process by checking your local media outlets. NorthWestern Energy has media personnel on 24/7 call to provide information to reporters. 

Use a flashlight. Avoid candles because of the fire risk.

Never use wet or damp electrical items

Power outages may vary by season, and can last from minutes to hours, and occasionally even days depending on the severity of the event. NorthWestern Energy workers, often out in dangerous weather conditions, work to restore power to your home or business as quickly, efficiently and as safely as possible.

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