Rate Comparison Information

NorthWestern Energy historically has had rates that are among the lowest in the nation. If you are planning to relocate your family or business, this information may help you estimate the cost difference of your monthly electricity and/or natural gas bill.

Residential Electric Monthly Costs - January 2022

750 kWh Bundled Service - Supply & Delivery Costs

U.S. National Average - $108.44/monthMap comparing electric rates across the US

Residential Natural Gas Average Monthly State Costs

Bundled Service - Supply & Delivery Costs
Monthly Cost for 100 Therms - As of January 2022

U.S. National Average - $199/monthMap comparing natural gas rates across the US

Note: Electric rates are as of July 2021 as published in the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Typical Bills and Average Rate Report. Natural gas rates are state-level averages cost of gas sold for 100 therms as of July 2021 from the Energy Information Administration Department of Energy website: www.eia.doe.gov. NorthWestern Energy natural gas rates for Montana, Nebraska, and South Dakota are average cost of gas sold for 100 therms as of July 2021. To see NorthWestern Energy’s current monthly electric and natural gas rates go to: Rates and Tariffs.