Upgrading Montana's streetlights

We are replacing streetlights and yard lights across the state with energy-efficient LED lights.

What are the benefits of LED streetlights?

  • Less energy - LEDs use 50% less electricity than traditional high-pressure sodium (HPS) lights.
  • Reduced Light Pollution - NorthWestern is offering a full range of dark-sky-friendly LED options. With LEDs, the light can be better directed to where it is needed – on the street and adjacent sidewalks.
  • Improved visibility - Old HPS lighting produces an orange-yellow light that does not render colors well. LEDs, on the other hand, output a fuller light spectrum that renders colors accurately.
  • Lower operation costs - LEDs require less energy, and, because they are more efficient, they also last longer and need to be replaced less often than HPS streetlights.
  • Improved safety and security - The new lights give increased safety at night through greater visibility and fewer streetlight outages.

Dark-Sky-Friendly Street Lights

A line worker replaces an LED streetlight.

Dark-Sky-Friendly Street Lights

Wherever possible, we are using lights that are dark sky compliant, and the vast majority of the new LED lights are dark-sky compliant. They also meet any local lighting ordinances. For more information on dark sky standards, click the button below.

Download the Montana Lighting Services Guide.

Find more information about specific light fixtures in the Montana Lighting Services Guide.

Recycling Old Streetlights

A NorthWestern Energy employee holds an old HPS streetlight that is on its way to recycling.

Recycling Old Streetlights

NorthWestern is recycling the old high-pressure sodium lights through Four Corners Recycling in Bozeman. Four Corners recycles all parts of the old lights, including the metal heads, the glass lenses and the bulbs, some of which contain mercury.

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