Scam Alert

Know these facts to avoid scams.

  • NorthWestern Energy sends multiple disconnection notices before shutting off service and offers several bill payment options. We never demand prepaid cards.
  • If we need to upgrade or replace a piece of equipment, NorthWestern will contact you ahead of time. If NorthWestern Energy needs to upgrade or replace a meter, the cost of the new meter is not charged to the individual customer.
  • Any over payments will be applied to your NorthWestern Energy account and used to cover future charges. When we refund a customer, we do so by mailing a check to the address on file.

Be vigilant about scams

A read phone with a post-it note reading "scam"

Be vigilant about scams

Many electric and natural gas customers throughout the country are being targeted by impostor utility scams each day. Scams can be in person, via phone, email or text. If you think you’ve been contacted by a scammer, call us or report in online.

Beware of scam activity

Beware of scam activity

Watch our video to learn more about being extra vigilant of scammers.

Know the signs of a scam

Below are a few common signs of potential scam activity:

  • Scammers threaten disconnection of your utility service, demanding immediate payment by prepaid cards. They’ll tell you to call back with the card information, and often the call-back number has a recorded greeting replicating the utility’s greeting.
  • Scammers demand a separate payment to replace or install a utility-related device or meter.
  • Scammers claim you have overpaid your utility bill, and you need to provide personal bank account information or a credit card number to receive a refund.
Learn more

Because utility customers are frequently the target of scam activity, utilities across the country have joined together to combat scammers. To learn more, visit Utilities United Against Scams at