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NorthWestern Energy is here to help

Energy Assistance scarf webHelp is available to our Montana customers who may be concerned about their ability to pay their utility bill. Get in touch with us as soon as possible, even if you’re unable to pay anything right now. We can assist you in creating a flexible and manageable payment arrangement or extending the date your bill is due.

NorthWestern Energy customers whose income meets certain guidelines will be eligible for electric and natural gas bill discount and Free Weatherization.

If you are facing financial hardship, we are here to help.

In Montana, several state and federal agencies, along with local non-profit organizations, have funds available to help individuals pay their energy bills.

Income guidelines web

Income Guidelines

Generally, a household income falling within the guidelines to the right qualifies for help with home heating and energy bills.

Available Resources

HRDC contactFor information about the programs listed below, please contact your local Human Resource
Development Council (HRDC).

  • Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) 
    The Low Income Energy Assistance Program, or LIEAP, is a federally funded program that helps people heat their homes or apartments during the winter. 
  • NorthWestern Energy Discount
    If you qualify for LIEAP, you automatically receive the following NorthWestern Energy discounts.
    • Electric bill discount
      • 25% discount November through April
      • 15% discount May through October
    • Natural gas bill discount
      • 30% discount November through April
  • Energy Share of Montana
    Energy Share of Montana is a nonprofit organization that helps Montanans overcome energy emergencies and move toward self-reliance. Energy Share helps people who are facing loss of heat
    or lights in their home due to reasons beyond their control. Energy Share applications can be obtained through your local HRDC office.
  • Free Weatherization

Qualifying for LIEAP may mean that the home you rent or own can be weatherized at NO COST to you. Weatherizing your home can save you energy and money. An energy audit will be performed on your home to identify possible improvements to your home which may include:

  • Perform an efficiency inspection on your furnaces, boilers and water heater.
  • Install insulation as needed in the attic, walls, crawl space and floors.
  • Seal air leaks.
  • Wrap hot-water heaters and install water-saving shower heads and faucet aerators.
  • Perform other safety and energy efficiency activities.

Also, homes heated with electricity from NorthWestern Energy may be switched to natural gas space and water heating.

A limited number of homes are weatherized each year. Weatherization of homes is based upon energy consumption, financial need and available funding. It is possible that it may take some time before your home is weatherized once you are qualified. Call your local HRDC office for more details.

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