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When we can buy energy savings from our customers at a lower cost than we can buy traditional supplies of electricity or natural gas, it’s a least cost resource that helps keep future electricity and natural gas supply costs lower than they would otherwise be.  Through Efficiency Plus, we offer a variety of rebates to help improve the energy efficiency of your existing commercial or industrial building.

* Electric rebate programs for South Dakota have ended for 2016.  
Natural gas rebate programs for South Dakota are currently available.

* Commercial Lighting

  Commercial Natural Gas >

* Programmable Thermostat

* Commercial Air Conditioning

* Commercial Refrigeration

* Commercial VFDs

* Commercial Appliances

  Commercial Water Heating
      Natural Gas Customers - Existing Facility >

  Commercial Heating
      Natural Gas Heating Customers - Existing Facility >

  Commercial Insulation
      Natural Gas Heating Customers - Existing Facility >

  Commercial Additional Measures
      Natural Gas Measures - Existing Facility >
      Natural Gas Water Heating Measures - Existing Facility >

* Commercial New Construction

* Business Partners

Once you have completed the documentation please submit the information to the address provided on the forms. 

For more information please contact E+Programs

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