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Tree planting

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Trees Provide Many Benefits, Including:
Cleaning the air * Producing food * Providing oxygen * Cooling homes, streets and cities * Protecting us from harsh winter weather * Increasing property values * Reducing heating and cooling costs

Before You Plant, Get the Facts
Here are some quick facts you should know before planting a tree. For more help planning where you plant, download our tree planting guide here.

  • Pick a tree that’s appropriate for your climate and space.
  • Know where overhead power lines are and plant at least 15 to 20 feet away; trees that grow taller than 40 feet should be planted more than 35 feet away.
  • Call 811 to check for underground utility lines at least two working days before you dig.
  • Once you know where underground natural gas lines are, plant at least 25 feet away. And for more safety tips about planting along a gas pipeline, click here.
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