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Two Dot Wind Farm-3

Wind generation continues to become a larger part of NorthWestern’s electric supply portfolio. At year-end 2018, NorthWestern Energy had 355.88 MW of total wind in Montana. Of that total, we own 51.28 MW and acquired another 80 MW through a contract with a wind farm, and the remaining was from long-term contracts. We own Spion Kop, a 30 MW-wind turbine facility northeast of Great Falls, and Two Dot Wind in central Montana. In 2019, 363.98 MW of our energy supply was wind in Montana, an increase from long-term contracts. We have requests to add 6,334.2 MW of wind to our system in Montana through 22 new wind projects. Eleven of these projects are still in study, and 11 of them have signed interconnection agreements.

In 2018 and 2019, NorthWestern Energy had 164.5 MW of wind in South Dakota with 80 MW of that being owned by NorthWestern.

Wind Generation

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