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Tower StreetOver the years, NorthWestern Energy has developed and executed an Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM) plan critical to the reliability of our electric system. The IVM plan encourages low-growing, productive, native vegetation that increases electric system reliability, reduces tree-trimming
costs, provides vegetation preferred by many species of wildlife and improves the landscape.

The company manages vegetation along 7,200 miles of electric transmission right of way (ROW)
and about 15,000 miles of electric distribution ROW in Montana. These corridors vary from 10 to
75 feet on each side of the line, depending on the voltage. Many of these electric lines pass through
forested areas. On a regular and rotating schedule, NorthWestern Energy trims tree branches and
removes trees inside and outside the ROW that affect the operation of the electric lines.

NorthWestern Energy employs seven full-time arborists and vegetation management technicians who, together with contractors, control trees and noxious weeds in our ROWs and around other facilities,
such as substations. Working in accordance with Montana’s County Noxious Weed Act, our
IVM plan employs mechanical, chemical, biological and cultural techniques to inhibit weed
growth, resulting in prime habitat for wildlife and native species of ground cover.
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