Harnessing the Power of Wind

Carbon-free wind generation makes up an important piece of our energy portfolio.

Wind Generation

We're adding more wind resources to our portfolio

  • Wind resources currently make up 31% of our total generation portfolio – second to hydro (33%).
  • Over the next two years, we anticipated another 551 MW of added wind and solar.
  • The last thermal addition to our portfolio was in 2011.

Montana Wind Generation

A Montana map showing wind generation locations

Montana Wind Generation

We own Spion Kop, a 30 MW-wind turbine facility northeast of Great Falls, and Two Dot Wind in central Montana. We contract for additional wind energy, and have more requests every year to add wind to our system.

South Dakota Wind Generation

A map of South Dakota Wind generation facilities

South Dakota Wind Generation

47% of our electric generation for South Dakota comes from wind energy.

Where Does Your Energy Come From?

65% of our electric generation portfolio comes from carbon-free resources. Over the last decade, we have reduced the carbon intensity of our Montana generation portfolio by more than 50%.