Budget Billing

Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, you pay the same amount each month. No surprises, just one easy payment amount to plan for.

Budget Billing takes the guess work out of your energy bill.

  • With Budget Billing, you pay the same amount each month.
  • Budget Billing amounts are calculated based upon your past 12 months of usage and the rates currently in effect.
  • Your payment amount may increase or decrease based on your usage patterns and/or rates currently in effect.
  • We'll review your account quarterly to prevent a large overpayment or underpayment from accumulating.
  • Changes may be necessary in your Budget amount due to an increase or decrease in your usage patterns and/or the rates currently in effect.

Budget Billing FAQs

No. Budget Billing is a free service.

If you decide to discontinue participation in the program or close your account, your current account balance will be applied to your next billing statement.

Budget Billing plans are reviewed periodically, not more than once per quarter. If we see a large change in usage during a quarterly review, we may update your Budget Billing amount. During the review, we look at your usage patterns and current rates to make sure your Budget Billing amount is in line with your average usage over the last 12 months.

If your Budget Billing amount changes, we will notify you prior to any changes becoming effective. 

There is no year-end settle-up with Budget Billing. Any difference in the energy you use versus what you pay is calculated into the next year’s plan. If you pay for more energy than you use, your balance will be divided by 12 and applied equally to your bills over the next year. If you use more energy than you paid for, that amount will be divided by 12 and spread over the next year. Either way, it will be reflected in your new Budget Billing amount.

No. Ultimately, you only pay for the energy you use. Your statement will include a Budget Billing information section. This section provides your current account balance – the difference between payments made on your account and actual energy charges.

To determine your monthly Budget Billing amount, we use the past 12 months of usage history at the current rates. We calculate how much energy you use per year, based on the last 12 months of usage. Using current rates, we determine the total you would pay for 12 months of energy. We then divide that amount by 12, so you pay the same amount each month.

Customers need a $0 account balance to enroll and Budget Billing. Customers with newly constructed home may not be eligible to participate until we have a few months of energy use history for the property.

Budget Billing takes the guess work out of your energy bill. It levels out the seasonal highs and lows and provides you with a predictable monthly energy bill to make it easier to budget for your energy costs.

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