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Taxes and Fees Paid by NorthWestern Energy



Just like other business, NorthWestern Energy pays its share of taxes and fees. These funds help support schools and local government agencies.

NorthWestern Energy invests significantly in critical electric and natural gas infrastructure and this impacts property taxes. Therefore, we work hard to manage our tax burden for the benefit of our customers.

  • For tax year 2020, we paid $167 million in Montana property taxes
  • In 2020, NorthWestern Energy was estimated to pay 36.4% of all centrally assessed property taxes in Montana.
  • Our Montana property tax bill is 4.2 times the next largest taxpayer (BNSF Railway Company).
  • NorthWestern has consistently been the largest taxpayer in Montana for many years.
  • In Montana, property taxes are a significant part of the funding for schools, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and many other vital services.
  • Montana property taxes in detail
  • For tax year 2020, we paid $5.3 million in South Dakota property and wind taxes.
  • South Dakota sales taxes are used to fund state government services, Medicaid and public safety. Property taxes are used in South Dakota to fund county and municipal governments and schools.
  • South Dakota property taxes in detail
  • For tax year 2020, we paid $679,000 in Nebraska property taxes.
  • In Nebraska, property taxes fund schools, county and city governments, natural resources and more.
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