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We value our partnership with schools and local government agencies. They serve the same people we do.  Our employees live in our communities, send their children to school and contribute to healthy communities. In Montana, property taxes are a significant part of the funding for schools, fire departments, law enforcement agencies and many other vital services.  South Dakota sales taxes are used to fund state government services, Medicaid and public safety. Property taxes are used in South Dakota to fund county and municipal governments and schools.

NorthWestern Energy invests significantly in critical electric and natural gas infrastructure dedicated by law to serving our customers and this impacts property taxes. Every business (and governments, nonprofits and families too) has to operate according to a budget that reflects all income, investments and expenses.  As a regulated utility, the prices we charge are limited to the cost of providing service.  Therefore, we work hard to manage our tax burden for the benefit of our customers.

A percentage of every energy dollar that you spend with us, goes to pay various state and local taxes. If you're a Montana customer, click here to see how our tax dollars are spread across the state.

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