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NorthWestern Energy adding electric vehicles to company’s 1,200 fleet

Date: Oct 22, 2020

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Category: Investors

Sioux Falls, SD/Butte, Mont. – Oct. 22, 2020 – NorthWestern Energy is announcing our commitment to include electric vehicles in the company’s fleet.

“NorthWestern Energy’s territory includes rugged terrain, rural areas, and sometimes requires long-distance travel,” said NorthWestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe. “Advances in electric vehicle technology and price drops make this the right time to begin making a transition to electric. Because electric vehicles are efficient and the electricity we provide is about 60% carbon free, fleet electrification is a good way to reduce carbon.  Electric vehicles will also help lower fuel and maintenance costs, making it a solid business decision.”

NorthWestern Energy’s fleet includes two electric power take-off bucket trucks, one in Huron, S.D. and the other in Billings, Mont., and a Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicle in Bozeman, Mont. today.

Bozeman Division Manager Pat Patterson uses the Bolt EV, added to the fleet in August, for almost all of his work transportation needs. The NorthWestern Energy Bozeman Service Center has a charging station that is available for public use, which is where Patterson typically charges the EV.

“I’ve used to go to NorthWestern Energy’s sites in Yellowstone National Park, a 240 mile round trip, and I had plenty of range,” Patterson said. “For 95% of what I do around the division, this vehicle fits the need.”

By 2030, NorthWestern Energy will replace 30% of light-duty class vehicles, about 100 cars and light trucks, with battery electric vehicles and plug-in electric hybrids.

NorthWestern Energy will begin replacing vehicles and equipment at the end of its life with electric alternatives in 2021. By 2030, 20% of new medium and heavy-duty vehicles and 30% of new bucket trucks will be electric vehicles. All new forklifts replacements will be electric by 2030.

NorthWestern Energy will also make investments in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in our Montana and South Dakota service territories.

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