A smarter internship. A brighter future.

Are you interested in gaining real-world, hands-on experience outside what a classroom or book can offer? Do you have a passion to serve your community and solve problems with sustainability and efficiency in mind?

Internship Program

Change Your Future with an Internship in Energy

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Change Your Future with an Internship in Energy

NorthWestern interns do not file paperwork or get coffee. Each intern has a meaningful project assignment, something that will not only look great on their resume, but is incredibly helpful to the company. It is a mutually beneficial relationship.

The energy industry offers rewarding, well-paying careers that benefit millions of people every day. We are seeking problem solvers, critical thinkers, and those who are interested in pursuing a stable career while serving their community.

Look for internship postings in our job listings at the beginning of each year. Some interns stay on through the fall, working part time.

Meet Previous NorthWestern Energy Interns

Each year, NorthWestern Energy welcomes a new group of interns for the summer. From researching electric vehicle chargers to designing and creating brochures for customers, our interns have the unique opportunity to learn the behind the scenes of working in the utility industry.

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"My favorite task during my internship was designing my own projects because I have more freedom and that is also when I feel like I am applying my engineering knowledge the most." - Lucas G. (2021 Engineer Intern)

Grid Operations Engineering

"A great learning environment to get me introduced into the world of power systems to determine what the correct path for my future career is." - Nick C. (2021 Grid Operations Engineer Intern)

Financial Analyst

"My favorite thing about NorthWestern is the people who work here. All of the people I worked with were happy to help me with any questions I had, and they went out of their way to make me feel welcome, whether I was in the office or working from home." - Matthew L. (2021 Financial Analyst Intern)


“I would 100% tell anyone who is looking for an internship to consider NorthWestern Energy. I know people say this a lot about the companies they work for but I really believe that NorthWestern Energy has the best employees. Everyone is so kind and willing to help you navigate your internship. After all, this is a learning experience and it might seem scary at first but everyone here wants to see you succeed and grow in your career. They take your strengths and help you build upon them by giving you projects that you are actually interested in.” - Sherwin D. (2021 Marketing and Communications Intern)

Meter Upgrade Communications

"The people. I have met so many great workers at this company who have brought me in and treated me like an adult, not an intern." - Tanner K. (2021 Meter Upgrade Communications Intern)

Internal and External Communication

"The people I worked with within my department. I love seeing what other people visualize creatively because everyone sees things in a different light, and that is something I have always found fascinating. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?!" - Alissa B. (2021 Internal and External Communications Intern)

Electrical Engineering

"NorthWestern Energy has to be my favorite company of all time. The way they give back to the community and their employees is unmatched." - Riley W. (2021 Electrical Engineering Intern)

Hydro License Compliance

"My favorite thing about NorthWestern Energy is the resources and funding the company puts into maintaining a healthy and safe environment. NorthWestern Energy prides itself in creating a clean and sustainable energy source. The company is committed to supporting fisheries, habitat and wildlife monitoring projects around the state of Montana. I feel very fortunate to work and represent NorthWestern Energy." - Joseph H. (2021 Hydro Compliance Intern)

Data Science

"I enjoyed learning to use Tableau and build dashboards for reports. Everyone was very helpful during my internship. It’s been nice to get support while getting situated." - Benjamin P. (2021 Data Science Intern)

Northwestern Energy Scholarship Opportunities

NorthWestern Energy’s scholarship program provides more than $100,000 in scholarships to students attending universities, colleges or technical schools in our area.