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small brandlElectricity Supply Resource Procurement Plan

The 2015 Electricity Supply Resource Procurement Plan document has been partitioned into separate PDF documents for faster download from our Web site.  Depending on the size of the document, it may take several minutes for the document to download to your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.   

To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 6.0 or later.  You may download the latest version of the reader for free from the Adobe Web Site.  In addition, you must have pop-up blocker turned off because each document opens in a new browser window.

Volume 1

Transmittal Letter

2015 Electric Plan Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Plan Overview

Chapter 2 Load Forecast 

Chapter 3 Demand Side Management

Chapter 4 Key Model Inputs  

Chapter 5 Environmental  

Chapter 6 Carbon Impacts 

Chapter 7 Resource Adequacy - Regional Market

Chapter 8 Existing Resources

Chapter 9 New Resources

Chapter 10 Integrated Generation System

Chapter 11 Ancillary Services Loss of Load Probability

Chapter 12 Results and Conclusions

Chapter 13 Responses to MPSC Comments on 2013 Plan

Chapter 14 Action Plan

Appendix 1 Abbreviations  

Appendix 2 Glossary 

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Volume 2

Chapter 1 BackGround

Chapter 1 Contents

  1. Commission Comments on 2013 Plan
  2. 2014-2016 ETAC Meeting Minutes and Materials
  3. NWE Motion for Extension 11-25-15
  4. MPSC Notice of Commission Action

Chapter 2 Forecasts

Chapter 2 Contents

  1. 20-Year Load Forecast
  2. Peak Forecast 2015
  3. Customer History and Forecast
  4. Residential and GS-1 Secondary Load
  5. Weather Files
  6. Commodity Prices
  7. Wind Resource Pricing
  8. RPS Compliance

Chapter 3 Demand Side Management

Chapter 3 Contents

  1. Smart Grid Demonstration Project
  2. Battery Storage Project
  3. NWE CFL Lighting Market Study
  4. PNW_SGDP Annual Report Technology Performance
  5. Large Customer Demand Response Survey
  6. Behavior Based DSM and Price Elasticity of Demand

Chapter 4 Carbon

Chapter 4 Contents

  1. CPP NWE Motion To Stay
  2. UM BBER Report
  3. CPP EPA Transmission Impact
  4. CPP Final Goals Summary and Table

Chapter 5 Resource Definitions and Optimization

Chapter 5 Contents

  1. Basin Creek Dispatch Study
  2. NWE Hydropower Operational Plan
  3. Thermal Operating Characteristics and Costs
  4. Wartsila Report
  5. DNV-GL Solar PV Study
  6. Microgrid Project
  7. NWE CHEOPS Hydro Report
  8. NWE CHEOPS Hydro Peaking Analysis
  9. Ancillary Service Modeling

Chapter 6 Resource Siting

Chapter 6 Contents

  1. CBI Site Selection Report
  2. New Generation Pre-Feasibility-Level Infrastructure Requirements and Costs

Chapter 7 PowerSimm and Technical Descriptions

Chapter 7 Contents

  1. Example of Resource Selection Process
  2. Capacity Expansion Area Charts
    1. Frame CT
    2. High Load
    3. Low Load
    4. Double Wind and Solar
    5. Triple Wind and Solar
    6. RPS Compliance
  3. Net Position ATC
    1. ATC Current Plus Market
    2. ATC EOP
    3. ATC Frame CT
    4. ATC High Load
    5. ATC Low Load
    6. ATC High Carbon
    7. ATC Low Carbon
    8. ATC High Gas
    9. ATC Double Wind and Solar
    10. ATC Triple Wind and Solar
    11. ATC RPS Compliance
  4. Net Position HL
    1. HL Current Plus Market
    2. HL EOP
    3. HL Frame CT
    4. HL High Load
    5. HL Low Load
    6. HL High Carbon
    7. HL Low Carbon
    8. HL High Gas
    9. HL Double Wind and Solar
    10. HL Triple Wind and Solar
    11. HL RPS Compliance
  5. Net Position LL
    1. LL Current Plus Market
    2. LL EOP
    3. LL Frame CT
    4. LL High Load
    5. LL Low Load
    6. LL High Carbon
    7. LL Low Carbon
    8. LL High Gas
    9. LL Double Wind and Solar
    10. LL Triple Wind and Solar
    11. LL RPS Compliance
  6. Generating Stations Report
    1. Current Plus Market
    2. EOP
    3. Frame CT
    4. High Load
    5. Low Load
    6. High Carbon
    7. Low Carbon
    8. High Gas
    9. Double Wind and Solar
    10. Triple Wind and Solar
    11. RPS Compliance
  7. Supply Cost Report
  8. Methods to Model and Calculate Capacity Contributions (NERC, 2011)
  9. Discussion of Models Used in 2015 Plan

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2013 Archived Plan

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