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The E+ Energy Audit for the Home offers two different services: Virtual E+ Home EnergyCheck and an Electricity Usage Analysis Survey.

Virtual E+ Home EnergyCheck: 
You'll use your smart device to interact with a knowledgeable and friendly energy specialist.  The energy specialist will share a link that utilizes technology to connect with you. Once you are connected through the remote assistance software the EnergyCheck will take about an hour of your time.  For more information and a short video on the Virtual E+ Home EnergyCheck click here or call 800-823-5995

Electric Usage Analysis Survey:  
A survey is mailed out to Montana residential customers with specific electric consumption profiles. You fill out the survey by telling us how you use electricity in your home and return the survey.  You will receive a customized Home Energy Report that includes:

  • An electricity usage analysis that shows you where your energy dollars are being spent.
  • An energy summary that lists money-saving recommendations to conserve energy in your home.
NOTICE:  As a result of COVID-19, NorthWestern has suspended the on-site home energy audit. We now offer the Virtual E+ Home EnergyCheck that makes the assessment possible while maintaining safe social distancing and including you, the homeowner, in the experience.  Customers are finding the EnergyCheck to be valuable and informative in identifying opportunities to better manage energy costs and prioritizing investments in energy efficiency. 

Funding Source:
  Funding for these services is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities.  
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