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The E+ Energy Audit for the Home offers two types of audits: on-site energy audits and mail-in survey audits.

On-site Energy Audits: Our trained specialists come to your home and analyze your home’s energy usage.  You’ll receive tips to manage your energy usage more effectively, a customized report with recommendations of cost-effective energy improvements and information which may help you make appropriate investments. 

The audit may include the following:

  • Blower door test to detect areas of leakage
  • Water heater temperature check
  • Refrigerator/freezer temperature check
  • Gas equipment safety check
  • Insulation evaluation
  • Free water heater tank wrap
  • Free hot water pipe insulation
  • Free low-flow faucet aerators and showerhead

Energy auditors offer customers education on how lifestyle and habits affect energy use.

Customers receive a report specific to their home and energy use habits. The report:

  • Breaks out historical energy usage by end-use
  • Provides recommendations on cost-effective weatherization measures
  • Offers tips on energy-efficient practices and gas appliance maintenance

Your home likely qualifies if:

  • You are a NorthWestern Energy residential natural gas or electric space- or water-heating customer in Montana.   
  • Your home is at least five years old
  • Your home has not received an E+ Audit since September 25, 1994

Other qualifications may apply. Funding is limited.

How to Sign Up: For an on-site energy audit, call (800) 823-5995 or online. 

Mail-In Survey Audit
A survey is mailed out automatically to customers with specific electric consumption profiles. Customers who fill out and return the survey receive a report that breaks out historical electricity usage by appliance end-use and makes recommendations specific to the way those appliances are operated in the customer’s home. The report offers general weatherization and water heating recommendations as well.

Eligibility: Residential customers in Montana who use electricity delivered by NorthWestern Energy for lights and appliances only are eligible for a mail-in survey audit.

Funding Source
Funding for the E+ Energy Audit for the Home is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities. 


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