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Efficiency Plus (E+), ranges from energy education to rebates, and in-home energy audits.

In addition, there are E+ programs that provide valuable services to limited income and senior customers who require energy assistance. In Montana, E+ also includes small renewable generation resources and the E+ Green program that allows customers to support renewable generation through their electric bill.

Natural Gas Rebates and Incentives
NorthWestern's residential rebates and incentives can help you save money and reduce your energy use.
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E+ Home
E+ Home EnergyCheck is a safe and convenient way to have your home’s energy efficiency checked – virtually!
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Several State and Federal agencies, local utilities, and a non-profit organization have funds available to help individuals pay their energy bills. Learn more >
The E+ Renewable Energy Program encourages the development of renewable energy resource projects that use environmentally friendly or green technology to generate electricity. Learn more >
Customers can take advantage of Montana State, Federal and other tax credits for qualifying energy efficiency measures installed. Learn more >
Find more energy resources to help you save energy. Learn more >
Find more energy resources to help you save energy. Learn more >
What's new, what's coming and more. Learn more >
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