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NorthWestern Energy customers - Prequalified tuition scholarships ($1,400) are offered to non-profit hospitals, public schools, State of Montana, city and county government facilities personnel - recipients will be notified prior to class – qualifications apply. Email E+ Programs with your request for scholarship consideration for future classes or questions.

The Building Operator Certification (BOC ®) program trains facilities personnel to understand how building systems work together and how to bring them to their most efficient level of operation. Level 1 training provides an overview of critical building systems. Level 2 emphasizes preventative maintenance and more targeted training. Investing in education of facility staff reduces energy costs while increasing occupant comfort. A variety of building management technologies are covered, but the emphasis in BOC training is to recognize practical, no-cost/low-cost solutions, working with existing building systems, to improve energy performance. Also explained are the how-to’s of developing a preventive maintenance program that improves the building environment and prolongs equipment life. Montana Smart School Program participants not on NorthWestern Energy's system, please contact Bonnie Rouse at 406-444-6439 for scholarship approval. 

Consistently, BOC Program graduates and their employers recognize the positive results of BOC training and the value those results bring. Graduates come away with improved job skills and a career-enhancing certification. Employers appreciate the bottom line cost savings that result from increased energy efficiency. Additionally, building occupants benefit from a more comfortable environment due to improvements made to air and ventilation systems. 
Individuals who earn the BOC Level 1 credential will have demonstrated increased knowledge of their facilities' electrical, HVAC, and lighting systems. Course series consist of classroom training, facility-based project assignments and in-class exams administered at the end of each day of training.  For more video testimonials and more information on BOC and the Intermountain Building Operators Association (IBOA). 

Please Note:   BOC Level 1 Training is an 8-day course that is split into 3 sessions and Level 2 Training is a 7-day course split into 3 sessions.

BOC Training Offered in 2019:
Level 1 - Building Systems Maintenance
- Billings, MT
April 29, 30 and May 1, June 13 & 14 and July 15, 16 & 17 (attendance is required for all dates listed)
Location:  Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 3431 Ember Lane, Billings MT  59102 (406) 652-0111
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Level 2 - Equipment Troubleshooting and Maintenance - Billings, MT   
  May 2 & 3, June 10, 11 & 12 and July 18 & 19 (attendance is required for all dates listed)
Location:  Holiday Inn Express & Suites at 3431 Ember Lane, Billings MT  59102 (406) 652-0111

Both Level 1 and Level 2 course series consist of classroom training, project assignments to be completed at the participant's facility, and in-class tests.

All classes will be 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., with lunch hosted each day by NorthWestern Energy.
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NorthWestern Energy and IBOA reserve the right to cancel training at any time.

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