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small brandlRequest for Proposals for 280 MW of dispatchable capacity

NorthWestern Corporation, d/b/a NorthWestern Energy, plans to issue a request for proposals in January 2020 for nominally 280 MW of dispatchable capacity resources to begin delivering services to Montana customers in 2023 (the RFP). NorthWestern will structure the RFP as an “all-source” capacity solicitation considering proposals for generation, storage and demand-side products delivered under a variety of procurement structures.

The RFP will be administered by Aion Energy LLC. All correspondence related to the RFP should be via email and directed to the RFP Administrator at

Do not contact NorthWestern personnel to discuss the RFP. Failure to comply with this requirement could result in a potential bidder being disqualified from participating in the RFP. 

Parties interested in participating in the RFP must complete a Prequalification Form, safety and experience questionnaire and execute a non-disclosure agreement. The NDA form is non-negotiable. Interested parties can receive the Prequalification Form questionnaire and the NDA form by sending an email expressing interest to the RFP Administrator, The Prequalification Form questionnaire must be completed and the NDA executed by 5 p.m. Mountain Standard Time on Jan. 10, 2020 in order to participate in the RFP. Information contained in the Prequalification Forms will be evaluated in order to establish a list of qualified parties who will receive the final RFP.

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