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The 2013 Electricity Supply Resource Procurement Plan document has been partitioned into separate PDF documents for faster download from our Web site.  Depending on the size of the document, it may take several minutes for the document to download to your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.   

To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 6.0 or later.  You may download the latest version of the reader for free from the Adobe Web Site.  In addition, you must have pop-up blocker turned off because each document opens in a new browser window.

Volume 1

  Transmittal Letter

  Table of Contents

  Chapter 1 Background

  Chapter 2 Current Resources 

  Chapter 3 Environmental

  Chapter 4 Resource Needs  

  Chapter 5 Modeling Inputs  

  Chapter 6 Modeling  

  Chapter 7 Action Plan

  Appendix 1 Price Elasticity  

  Appendix 2 Abbreviations  

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Volume 2

  Chapter 1 Background  

  Chapter 2 Description of Resources  

  Chapter 3 Forecasts  

  Chapter 4 Supplementary PowerSimm Results  

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Additional Resources

Developing a Business Case for Sustainable Biomass Generation: A Regional  Model for Western Montana  A biomass energy feasibility study prepared for NorthWestern Energy.

Montana Wind Integration Study  This report provides an assessment of time-varying characteristics of potential wind power development scenarios and its impact on electric system balancing. 
2015 Plan

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