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NorthWestern Energy's LED streetlight project saves Billings energy, Energy Efficiency projects earn $108,870 in incentives

Nov 12, 2019

Butte, Mont. - In 2019 Billings was the first Montana city to have NorthWestern Energy streetlights converted to energy saving LEDs as a part of the utility’s four-year statewide LED conversion program.  These conversions involved installing new LED fixture heads to replace High Pressure Sodium lights. NorthWestern converted 4,077 streetlights in 124 street lighting districts in Billings.  The Billings LED conversion is estimated to save about 1.7 million kilowatt-hours per year, about $195,000 in annual electric cost savings based on today’s energy costs.

NorthWestern Energy awarded Billings $108,870 in incentives for installing energy efficient equipment in city facilities from July 2018 to September 2019.  Incentives were awarded for 29 Efficiency Plus (E+) Commercial Lighting projects involving 1,883 energy efficient LED lights installed at the airport, fire stations, MET Transit, Public Works, Billings Operations Center, Fleet Services, parking garages and 911 Center.

The airport also received an E+ Business Partners incentive for an energy efficient chiller project.

The benefits for the city extend beyond the incentives, as these projects combined are estimated to save 1.21 million kWhs per year, equating to about $182,900 in annual electric cost savings.

These energy efficiency projects were a team effort and involved numerous city departments.  Projects were initiated by a team composed of city staff, utility representatives and consultants working together to identify energy savings opportunities for the city. 

Including the most recent projects, during the last 10 years the city implemented 58 energy efficiency projects; qualifying for $875,596 in energy efficiency incentives from NorthWestern Energy.  These projects resulted in an estimated 5.06 million kWhs saved per year, equating to about $495,600 in annual electric cost savings based on today’s energy costs.  

The city has also been awarded $171,823 in NorthWestern Energy E+ Renewable Energy incentives funded by Universal Systems Benefit credits for the installation of solar photovoltaic systems at Fire Stations 3 & 6, the Billings Parks & Recreation Community Center, the downtown MET Transit Center, and the new library. 

The City of Billings and NorthWestern have worked in partnership for years to improve the energy efficiencies in city facilities, and reduce energy consumption while reducing operating costs.

“The City of Billings has been a leader in energy management, by looking for opportunities to save energy, and participate in the utility’s energy efficiency incentive programs,” said NorthWestern Energy Senior Key Account and Economic Development Specialist Deborah Singer.

NorthWestern Energy appreciates the city’s partnership with the LED streetlight project and congratulates the city of Billings on these recent energy efficient lighting retrofits of their facilities. 

NorthWestern Energy has been offering energy efficiency programs for more than 35 years in Montana, and provides thousands of incentives through the E+ Efficiency Plus programs for commercial customers.  For a complete listing of programs go to

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