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NorthWestern Energy streetlights in Red Lodge getting LED upgrade

Oct 23, 2019

Butte, Mont. – NorthWestern Energy is retrofitting 72 historical streetlights on Broadway Avenue in the historic district in Red Lodge with energy efficient LED lights, along with other streetlights in the town.

NorthWestern Energy is replacing 43,000 streetlights across Montana with efficient LED lights in a four year project that launched this year.

Red Lodge’s replacement schedule was moved up at the request of Red Lodge Mayor William Larson. The metal halide lights used now in the historic streetlights must be replaced frequently. Because LEDs are more energy efficient, they will last longer.

“Mayor Larson contacted us with concerns about streetlights on Broadway Avenue that are out often, affecting the ambience and safety of the street,” said NorthWestern Energy Community Relations Manager Lisa Perry. “Our crews worked with the city of Red Lodge to create a solution that will use the existing historical poles and globes, retrofitted, with the longer-lasting, more reliable LED lights.”

NorthWestern Energy crews will also replace its high-pressure sodium streetlights in other areas of Red Lodge with LED lights in 2020. Originally, Red Lodge was schedule for LED streetlight retrofitting more than a year from now, but was moved up at the request of Mayor Larson.

Part of NorthWestern Energy’s Montana LED streetlight project includes recycling the old high-pressure sodium streetlights. NorthWestern Energy is working with Four Corners Recycling in Bozeman. Four Corners recycles all parts of the old lights, including the metal heads, the glass lenses and the bulbs, some of which contain mercury.

NorthWestern Energy has been evaluating LED streetlights for several years. Recent price decreases make them more cost effective. Also, manufacturers of current high-pressure sodium products have indicated those products may not be readily available at some point in the future with the increasing popularity of LEDs.

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