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NorthWestern, City of Missoula Team Up on Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Mar 10, 2017

Butte, Mont. – March 10, 2017 – NorthWestern Energy and the Missoula Parking Commission have joined to develop two electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at the city-owned Park Place parking structure at 201 E. Front Street in Missoula. 

The parking structure is operated by the Missoula Parking Commission. The EV charging stations will be Level 2 charging stations, which will charge all models of EVs. Level 2 charging stations provide about 10 miles of charge per hour of charging. For these initial two EV charging stations, the Missoula Parking Commission plans to provide the service free of charge.

NorthWestern and the Missoula Parking Commission are using these two EV charging stations as a test to gauge the demand for more charging stations at public facilities. If demand is such that more EV charging stations emerge, the business model will likely be different than this pilot test.

“This is just one example of our continued environmental commitment at NorthWestern Energy,” said Bob Rowe, CEO. “Coupled with our hydro-based, low-carbon generating fleet, electrification of transportation, where it makes sense to the customer, would help further reduce carbon dioxide emissions in our service territory.” 

“The installation of these two charging stations is pretty exciting for us,” said Rod Austin, director of the Missoula Parking Commission. “These two stations will be the first charging stations open to the public in downtown Missoula. They will begin to give us an indication of what demand is out there with the idea of looking to add more charging stations based on that demand.”

Chase Jones, the City of Missoula’s energy conservation coordinator, provided the connection between the city and NorthWestern while serving NorthWestern’s Community Sustainable Energy Working Group.

“The partnership at Park Place seemed to be a perfect fit,” Jones said. “Having this service available where people spend time is both a huge benefit to the community and a key strategy in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

For NorthWestern, the small Missoula pilot project is way to test EV chargers, understand the economics of their operation, and analyze usage patterns. While there are no immediate plans to install such chargers elsewhere in Montana, NorthWestern has committed more than $3 million to similar sustainable energy projects since 2015.

These charging stations are the latest community-focused, sustainable pilot project to arise from a year-long working group that provided input and help developed priorities for NorthWestern’s sustainability initiatives. A solar pilot project came online in Bozeman late in 2016 as part of this program. Additional pilot projects are planned in Missoula and Helena in 2017 and 2018.

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