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Environmental Stewardship: Our Commitment in Action 2019

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This Environmental Stewardship Report is intended to let customers, policy makers and partners see how NorthWestern Energy carefully considers and responds to the environmental impacts of providing energy.

At NorthWestern, we understand that almost everything we do to produce and deliver energy to our customers impacts the environment. We know that having the privilege to be your energy provider comes with both a profound obligation and wonderful opportunity to be good stewards of the environment.

The Environmental Team responsible for keeping this focus is actively involved throughout our system, from the planning of new transmission lines to the licensing requirements of our hydroelectric plants to evaluating the impacts of new energy resources being added to our supply portfolio. Every business decision at NorthWestern must consider the environmental consequences of that decision. The Environmental Team charged with identifying, analyzing and mitigating those impacts is comprised of 10 highly qualified environmental professionals with over 250 years of combined experience and multiple advanced degrees, professional certifications and licenses.

Working with this team has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my career. Each member brings a unique strength, outlook and expertise. We have something in common, though, and that is just like so many of you, we all love the outdoors. We look forward to the caddis fly hatch on the Madison River in the spring, to summer hikes in the high country and fall pheasant and big game hunting season. We teach our kids and grandkids the difference between osprey and eagle, and the fragility of both. It is that lens, combined with solid education and long experience, that propels us to seek the balance between providing energy and protecting the environment.

Our job is to help make sure that being careful managers and complying with environmental regulations are an integral part of NorthWestern’s everyday business. This report describes some of the many projects we work on collaboratively with resource agencies and other stakeholders to put our environmental stewardship commitment and compliance in action. I hope you enjoy it.

Mary Gail Sullivan, Director of Environmental & Lands Permitting & Compliance

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