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The 2010 Natural Gas Biennial Procurement Plan document has been partitioned into separate PDF documents for faster download from our Web site.  Depending on the size of the document, it may take several minutes for the document to download to your computer and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  We have also provided you with the option of downloading the complete 130 page document. 

To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, Version 5.0 or later.  You may download the latest version of the reader for free from the Adobe Web Site.  In addition, you must have pop-up blocker turned off because each document opens in a new browser window.

 Transmittal Letter

 Table of Contents

 Section 1. Goals and Objectives

 Section 2. Separation of Natural Gas Supply,
Transmission, and Storage

  • Code of Conduct and Functional Separation

 Section 3. NWE Natural Gas System

  • Pipeline Interconnections
  • On-System Storage

 Section 4. Resource Needs Assessment

  • Existing Energy Supply Requirements
  • Energy Supply Load Sensitivity and Shape
  • Current Supply Components
  • Energy Supply Storage Utilization
  • Peak Day Supply Adequacy

 Section 5. Long Term Hedging 

  • Ownership of Natural Gas Reserves and Production
  • Long Term Financial Hedging

 Section 6. Resource Acquisition

  • Natural Gas Demand Side Management (DSM) Program
  • Natural Gas DSM Assessment
  • 10-Year Natural Gas DSM Plan
  • specific Natural Gas DSM Programs
  • Natural Gas Acquisition
  • Requests for Proposals

 Section 7. Modeling and Analysis

  • Natural Gas Price Market Trends

 Section 8. Risk Management and Mitigation

  • Storage
  • Layering in Fixed Price Purchases
  • Hard Targets
  • Physical Acquisition
  • Liquidity

 Section 9. Transparency and Documentation

 Attachment 1. Natural Gas System Map

 Complete 42-Page Document 


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