Letter from the CEO

Letter from our CEO, Robert Rowe

Letter from our CEO, Robert Rowe

2020 and 2021 have been challenging years.  We faced a pandemic, coupled with an economic recession, which led to profound loss and tragedy for millions, and accelerated changes in the way we live and work.  We also experienced inequality, discontent and political divide. 

Nonetheless, at our best, physical distancing was accompanied by social coming together in a spirit of mutual support.

Through it all, we have been guided by NorthWestern Energy’s Vision – “Enriching lives through a safe sustainable energy future,” Mission – “Working together to provide safe, reliable and innovative energy solutions that create value for our customers, communities, employees and investors” and SERVICE Values “Safety – Excellence – Respect – Value – Integrity – Community – Environment.”

At NorthWestern Energy, we are stewards of critical infrastructure and providers of essential services.  Therefore, we have an obligation to ensure sustainable long-term strategies and practices to meet today’s needs while preparing to meet tomorrow’s.  In turn, we recognize sustainability as built upon operational excellence, financial soundness, constructive policy and perhaps above all, cultural integrity.

Our business practices reflect a respect for, and a commitment to Environmental, Social and Governance sustainability. 

Our priorities include:

  • Being good stewards of natural and cultural resources, complying with the spirit as well as the letter of the environmental laws and regulations, and continuing to reduce our carbon emissions over time.
  • Providing safe, reliable and affordable energy, while offering energy solutions that meet our customers’ needs. 
  • Taking care of our most valuable assets - our employees - by providing a safe work environment, a positive team culture and competitive pay and benefits.
  • Supporting economic development in our communities so our customers and employees are proud of their neighborhoods and give back to their communities.
  • Conducting business with integrity, while ensuring transparency and accountability and meeting our responsibilities to all our stakeholders.

We reaffirm our commitment to working with all our stakeholders and continuing to build upon our sustainable strategy and practices.


Bob Rowe
President and CEO                                                                                                                                                      

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