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E+ Green Program

NorthWestern Energy’s electricity supply mix for our Montana customers includes more than 60% clean energy from carbon-free hydro, wind, and some solar generation.  We offer our Montana electric customers an option to "green up" their electricity usage with green power. You don’t have to install anything or make a big investment. For more information on how you can participate in the E+ Green Program and reduce your electricity-based carbon footprint while supporting the development of new renewable generation, click --> "Green" power.

Interested in Installing Renewable Energy and Net Metering?

The greenest kilowatt hour is the one that is never generated.  That’s why energy efficiency is an important first step in a “greener” energy footprint. We offer the FREE E+ Audit for the Home to our Montana space or water-heating customers.  It’s a great way to learn and find ways to  reduce your current energy consumption and make your home energy efficient.  To see if your home qualifies for a FREE E+ Audit, call (800) 823-5995 or click here.

If your home doesn’t qualify for the audit, we recommend you check out the ENERGY STAR Home Advisor® to see what might make sense for your home.  After you’ve  taken steps to reduce your energy usage through improvements such as additional insulation, air sealant measures, lighting, windows, ENERGY STAR appliances and electronics, etc., then adding a renewable energy system may be your next choice.

Do Your Homework

We’ve been working with our customers interested in installing renewable energy systems on their homes and businesses for more than 20 years.  We know that there can be many questions and decisions along the way as you consider whether a renewable energy system makes sense for your home.  We suggest you review the resources provided to help you make informed decisions on your renewable energy project. 

The Montana Consumer Guide to Small Wind Generation Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Grid-Interactive Solar PV Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Solar heating Systems
The Montana Consumer Guide to Micro-hydro Systems 
NOTE:  The guides contain a number of pictures and may take a minute or two to download. 

Choosing a renewable energy system installer can be challenging.  The good news is that NorthWestern Energy has a list of installers that meet our professional, safety and independent contractor standards for renewable energy installations.  For a list of Qualified Installers, click here.

Net Metering

If you’re installing a renewable energy system and you are a NorthWestern Energy electric customer, you must have the system pre-approved before you can interconnect it to NorthWestern Energy’s system.  For more information on the pre-approval process  and for the application documents, visit

Renewable Energy Resources for Existing Solar

Do you have questions about the operation of your existing solar photovoltaic system? Review the resource to help you learn more about the safe and productive operation of your solar electric system. 

The Montana Solar Electric System Owner's Manual 
NOTE:  The guides contain a number of pictures and may take a minute or two to download. 

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