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The E+ Energy Audit for the Home offers two types of audits: on-site energy audits and mail-in survey audits.

On-site Energy Audits may include free installation of the following items.

  • Water heater wraps
  • Low-flow shower head
  • Low-flow faucet aerators
  • Pipe wrap insulation on the first ten feet of hot water pipe leaving the water heater

Energy auditors perform a gas appliance inspection for customers whose gas is delivered by NorthWestern Energy. The auditors will perform blower door analysis of most homes to demonstrate areas of air leakage and to offer customers education on how lifestyle and habits affect energy use.

Customers receive a report specific to their home and energy use habits. The report...

  • Breaks out historical energy usage by end-use
  • Provides recommendations on cost-effective weatherization measures
  • Offers tips on energy-efficient practices and gas appliance maintenance

Eligibility: Residential customers whose space and/or water heating fuels are delivered by NorthWestern Energy, who have not had an E+ audit in the past and whose home is at least 5 years old are eligible for an on-site energy audit. Other qualifications may apply. Funding is limited.

How to Sign Up: For an on-site energy audit, call (800) 823-5995 or online.

More Energy Efficiency Programs: Download the brochure that explains all of the E+ program rebates and incentives that help our Montana customers better manage energy costs.

Mail-In Survey Audit
A survey is mailed out automatically to customers with specific electric consumption profiles. Customers who fill out and return the survey receive a report that breaks out historical electricity usage by appliance end-use and makes recommendations specific to the way those appliances are operated in the customer’s home. The report offers general weatherization and water heating recommendations as well.

Eligibility:Residential customers who use electricity delivered by NorthWestern Energy for lights and appliances only are eligible for a mail-in survey audit.

Funding Source
Funding for the E+ Energy Audit for the Home is provided through NorthWestern Energy's Universal System Benefits (USB) activities. 

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