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small brandl Top 10 Tips for Energy Efficiency
  1. Compare your energy usage on your billing statement from month to month and from year to year to become aware of what impacts your energy use.
  2. Evaluate your insulation levels to determine if you have enough to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In the winter, cold floors and walls are a sign of a poorly insulated home.
  3. Check your hot water heater’s temperature to make sure it’s safe and efficient — 120 degrees is plenty!
  4. Check your refrigerator and freezer temperatures to make sure the refrigerator is set between 37 and 40 degrees F and your freezer temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees F.
  5. Check your heating equipment to make sure it is working properly and clean or replace the furnace filters.
  6. Inspect your windows and doors for air leaks. If you see daylight around a door or window frame, then the door or window leaks. Seal up the leaks by caulking, adding weather stripping, or installing a door sweep.
  7. Wrap your hot water tank and install pipe insulation on the first 10 feet of the hot water pipe.
  8. Install low-flow faucet aerators and showerheads.
  9. Replace incandescent light bulbs that are used more than three hours a day with energy-efficient CFLs or LEDs.
  10. See what rebates or tax credits may be available for qualifying insulation measures, programmable thermostats, and high efficiency natural gas equipment here.

In Montana, you may be eligible for a free energy audit. The audit provides you with a customized report on your energy usage, recommendations to better manage energy costs, and information on rebates. For more information about a free home energy audit, go here, or call 800-823-5995.

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