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Efficiency Plus (E+), ranges from energy education to rebates, in-home energy audits and custom incentives.

In addition, there are E+ programs that provide valuable services to limited income and senior customers who require energy assistance. In Montana, E+ also includes small renewable generation incentives and the E+ Green program that allows customers to support renewable generation through their electric bill.

NorthWestern Energy offers rebates through their E+ program. Learn more >

The E+ Energy Appraisal for Businesses focuses on identifying electric conservation opportunities for small commercial customers on NorthWestern Energy's electric distribution system. Most commercial facilities qualify for this free service. Call for details. 

This program targets facilities that more than likely would not consider a full energy study under the Business Partners program. In addition to lighting efficiency opportunities, many small businesses benefit from a greater understanding of where their energy dollar is going within their operation and how their operation and maintenance strategies can affect their energy charges.

Although all electric generation technologies have some environmental impact, some, which do not use fossil fuels, are considered widely to be more environmentally friendly than others. Our Universal Systems Benefit (USB) goal is to encourage the development of renewable energy resource projects that use environmentally friendly — or "green" — technology to generate electricity.In Montana. Learn more >
Tax Credits are offered by State and Federal governments for customers. Please review the links provided to determine if you qualify for individual tax credits. 
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Federal Tax Credits >
All offered Training and scholarship opportunities are available on the training, workshops and scholarships page. Please check back often to find out what is offered in your area. NorthWestern Energy established the Lighting Trade Ally Network to help lighting industry representatives dramatically increase the number of completed commercial and industrial energy efficient lighting retrofit projects. The network provides assistance in marketing technology, analysis, and controls in energy efficiency applications. Become a trade ally member today, send your contact information to: NorthWestern Commercial Rebates.

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