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Shooting utility power poles is dangerous and illegal

Unfortunately, every year during hunting season, some of our infrastructure is damaged by vandals. This damage is costly and may also cause significant safety hazards for our crews and customers.

We want to remind all customers not to shoot at power lines, insulators, signs or any above-ground natural gas equipment.

Shooting power polls is extremely dangerous, due to ricochet, decreasing the integrity of the poll, and the potential for downed power lines.

Transmission poles cost almost $4,000 each and the labor and equipment to install each pole costs from $5,000 to $6,000. Those avoidable costs divert funds away from other projects and in the end, cost all of us more money on our utility bills.

Please call 911 to report illegal activity to law enforcement. Call NorthWestern Energy immediately if you spot damaged electrical or natural gas lines.

Montana: (888) 467-2669
South Dakota / Nebraska: (800) 245-6977
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