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Use FOR WEB_sized down Before you or anyone else does any digging around your property, take time to find and have marked the location of all underground service lines.  

What You Need To Do

  • Call 811 at least two working days before you dig! Or go online and request a utility locate.
  • Be ready with all important information.
    -  Municipality, county, city 
    -  Street address or nearest intersection of streets and roads, or township, range, section and quarter
    -  Type of work
    -  Extent of work
    -  Your name
    -  Date and time excavation is scheduled to begin
    -  Contractor or contact person and address
    -  Phone number and call back times
  • Wait for the site to be marked. Markings are made with paint, flags or stakes.
  • If you've hired a contractor, don't let them do any work until the site is marked.

Utility Color Codes
Color-coded surface marks are used to indicate the location and route of buried lines.

redmarking Electric
yellowmarking Gas/Oil/Petroleum
orangemarking Communication/Cable TV
bluemarking Water
greenmarking Sewer
whitemarking Proposed Excavation

It's the Law
According to the laws of the states in which NorthWestern operates, anyone who excavates, trenches, plows, drills, augers, blasts, strips topsoil or levels land is required to give notice at least two working days before any excavation work is started.

Excavators who damage underground facilities without first calling to request and obtain locates must pay the full cost of repairs. In the case of personal injury or loss of life, as the excavator, you may be subject to a civil suit. When electrical, natural gas, and other service lines are ruptured or damaged, the responsible excavator is charged for the repair.

Responsibility of Home/Property Owner or Current Occupant
The maintenance of buried gas piping downstream of the gas meter to gas fired appliances or other various structures on the property is the responsibility of the home/property owner or current occupant. NorthWestern Energy is required to inform customers with privately-owned natural gas or propane service lines of their responsibility to inspect and maintain their piping (Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 192.16). Customers should have the pipes periodically inspected for leaks and metallic pipes should also be inspected for corrosion by qualified professionals. Any unsafe conditions should be repaired immediately or the flow of gas should be shut off. Piping that is not maintained may be subject corrosion or leaking. When digging near buried gas pipes, the pipes should be located in advance and the excavation done by hand.

El mantenimiento de pipas de gas enteradas desde el medidor de gas a los aparatos que funcionan con gas u otras estructuras diferentes en la propiedad es la responsabilidad del dueño de la propiedad / casa o inquilino actual. Se le requiere a NorthWestern Energy informar a sus clientes con líneas de gas natural de propiedad privada o servicio de gas propano sobre su responsabilidad de tener inspecciones y mantener sus pipas de gas al (Código de las regulaciones federales 49 CFR 192.16). Los clientes deben tener inspecciones de las pipas
de gas periódicamente para verificar que no haya fugas y se deben también inspeccionar por profesionales calificados las pipas de gas tan bien metálicos para asegurarse de que no tengan corrosión. Cualquier situación peligrosa debe ser reparada inmediatamente o se debe cerrar el flujo de gas. Si no se mantienen las pipas de gas puede estar sujeto a corrosión o fugas. Cuando deban realizarse excavaciones cerca de las pipas de gas enteradas, estas deben ser localizadas por adelantado y realizar la excavación a mano.

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