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small brand FERC Standards of Conduct

NorthWestern Energy is regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). In order to comply with FERC’s Standards of Conduct for Transmission Providers, NorthWestern Energy is posting the following information:

Regulation Description Download
18 C.F.R. 358.7(a) Contemporaneous Disclosure
18 C.F.R. 358.7(c) Voluntary Consent
18 C.F.R. 358.7(d) Written Procedures
18 C.F.R. 358.7(e)(1) Affiliates with Marketing-Function Employees
18 C.F.R. 358.7(e)(2) Shared Facilities
18 C.F.R. 358.7(e)(3) Potential Merger Partners as Affiliates
18 C.F.R. 358.7(f)(1) Job Titles and Job Descriptions for Transmission Function Employees
18 C.F.R. 358.7(f)(2) Employee Transfers between Marketing Functions and Transmission Functions
18 C.F.R. 358.7(i) Waiver of a Tariff Provision in Favor of an Affiliate
18 C.F.R. 358.8(c)(2) Chief Compliance Officer for Standards of Conduct
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