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The 2016 Infrastructure Stakeholder Group (ISG) is a representative organization of stakeholders with an interest in the current and future state of NorthWestern’s electric and gas systems, which are the backbone of Montana’s utility infrastructure.  

We completed a similar process five years ago, using data to assess system standards for operations and maintenance, while balancing system reliability, capacity asset life, safety and cost to customers.  Members of that stakeholder group created a vision for distribution service that has helped guide us since.  The result was our Distribution System Infrastructure Project that is delivering results for customers today.

Now, we intend the new ISG process to build on our earlier work together and address critical infrastructure from end to end – electric and gas, distribution, substation and transmission.
Members of the ISG are not experts in electricity and/or natural gas, nor are they expected to become one. They are diverse group of customers working together to provide, as a group, recommendations that address topics including, but not limited to:
  • Rural and urban service needs and expectations;
  • Reliability, capacity, compliance, safety and asset life expectations;
  • The applications of technology to the system;
  • The balance of service expectations and affordability.

We intend this effort to lead to real outcomes that benefit our customers and the communities we serve.
Below are the presentations and notes from the monthly meetings. Notes will be posted after they are approved by the group at the following meeting. All meetings are held at the Butte General Office, 11 E Park on the 3rd Friday of month unless otherwise noted in the agenda. Meetings are open to the public.

January 2016                                              July 2016
Agenda                                                         Agenda
       Meeting Notes                                              Meeting Notes
       Presentations                                               Presentations (Guiding Principles) 

February 2016                                            August 2016
       Agenda                                                         Agenda
       Meeting Notes                                              Meeting Notes
       Presentation #1                                           
       Presentation #2

March 2016                                                 September 2016
       Agenda                                                          No Meeting Scheduled
       Meeting Notes                                               

April 2016                                                    October 2016
       Agenda                                                          Agenda
       Meeting Notes                                               Meeting Notes

May 2016                                                     December 2016
       No meeting scheduled                                   Meeting postponed due to weather

June 2016
      Meeting Notes



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