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NorthWestern Energy Files Annual Natural Gas Supply Tracker in Montana

Jun 08, 2015

Butte, Mont. – June 8, 2015 – NorthWestern Energy has filed its annual natural gas supply cost tracker with the Montana Public Service Commission and it is projecting lower rates for customers beginning in July compared to the same period a year ago.

The company anticipates the overall price of natural gas over the coming year combined with truing up the actual costs incurred during the last year will result in typical bills that are about the same or somewhat lower on average than the previous year assuming normal operating conditions.  However, supply rates fluctuate on a monthly basis and the monthly adjustment beginning in July is slightly higher than the June rate.  

The natural gas supply rate over the past year ranged from $0.0496 per therm in July 2014 to $0.0323 in May and June of 2015.  The requested rate for July 2015 is $0.034 per therm or about thirty two percent lower than the same period in 2014.

Natural gas market prices are sensitive to weather extremes including hurricanes, which can disrupt production in the Gulf of Mexico.  NorthWestern Energy now owns about thirty percent of its total natural gas supply, which is produced in Montana and based on the cost of production instead of the market.

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