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E+ Logo Although all electric generation technologies have some environmental impact, some, which do not use fossil fuels, are considered widely to be more environmentally friendly than others. One Universal Systems Benefit (USB) goal is to encourage the development of renewable energy resource projects that use environmentally friendly — or "green" — technology to generate electricity.

Application Form/Guidelines Guide to Funding Your Renewable Energy Project
Incentive Amounts Customers interested in installing a small-scale wind or solar photovoltaic (PV) system should contact a Qualified Installer. Incentive funds of $1.50 per watt (maximum $6,000 per customer) for solar PV or $2 per watt (maximum $10,000 per customer) for small-scale wind are available through the qualified installers.
Eligibility NorthWestern Energy electric customers
Contact (888) 700-6878
More Information Installer Qualification Requirements
Effective August 1, 2012

Field Guide to Photovoltaic Systems

Consumer's Guide to Small Wind and Solar PV

Consumer's Guide to Micro-hydro 
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