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small brandlManufactured Gas Plant Remediation


From the 1830s until the 1950s, prior to the availability of natural gas, manufactured gas or “town gas” was used around the country as fuel for street lamps and homes. Utilities throughout the United States commonly manufactured gas from coal using the available technology at the time. At many of these old manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites, some of the coal tar remained and posed a cleanup challenge to the utilities that own the properties. For the past seven years, we have worked in cooperation with the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources to characterize impacts from wastes associated with our long-gone MGP in Aberdeen, S.D., and implement long-term solutions. Using state-of-the art technology, ingenuity and persistence, we eliminated the migration of coal tar into a nearby creek through the city’s storm sewer system and removed approximately 11,000 tons of impacted sediments from the creek.

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